You would be surprised to realise how much you can do

The value of our offer is that our project will take on the full support of a your budding startup







You would be surprised to realise how much you can do

The value of our offer is that our project will take on the full support of a budding startup.

We will do some of the work that you would not want to do, and we will do it without mistakes.







Let's Make Your Idea Come True

By reaching the end, people laugh at the fears that tormented them at the beginning.
(Paulo Coelho)

Many people dream of having their own business, but only a few create companies. At the same time, there are many reasons to go into business: from changes in the economic environment to personal motives. But sometimes it is literally the only opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism in business.

You should start your business with a concept and a goal in mind. Dissatisfaction with the current workplace is not a guarantee that a person will succeed in entrepreneurship. However, if there is a good incentive, the chance of success is at least as good as the probability of failure.

Start-up Assistance

But what if you have the desire, but no experience in starting a business? The mission of our project is to provide real help at the very first stage of organising your business. The state service will help you with advice and maybe even financially, but it will not take you by the hand and will not undertake the realisation of your idea.

The fundamental difference in our offering is that we will literally be your employee for a specific task. Our staff will not just advise you, but will DO a certain amount of work for YOU – from finding your own style to attracting your first clients.

Many entrepreneurs went into business out of a desire to get rid of the routine of hired work, to get full freedom of action and the right to make decisions. Some dream of a dynamic, versatile project with many interesting and complex tasks, while others aspire to something quiet and romantic – for example, to open a small cafe.

And that’s where we can help. We’ll work with you to find a suitable space, measure the number of people who pass by every day and determine how they can be enticed to use your business.

What’s next? You need to announce the opening of your café to as many people as possible. Your website will be a real sales tool. Artificial intelligence will help customers navigate the menu, book a table and even wish them a happy birthday.

Work is a big part of life, so it’s important to enjoy it. But you also have to take into account that even an entrepreneur can’t avoid doing some important things that may not be very interesting. That’s why we’d be happy to take on the part of the job that is background, but which is just as important to fulfil as your fulfilment.

We will also analyze your existing business in details. We will test your products or services to see if they appeal to different target groups. We will eliminate the problems that are causing you to lose money.

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List Of Tools We Use To Solve Your Challenges


Launch Your Startup

We'll start with a free consultation, where we'll discuss a list of tasks that will need to be completed. Our businesses that have been launched from scratch range from HoReCa and offset printers to consumables trading and even toy manufacturing. So we are sure to find a solution for you too, and fulfill the idea, for sure.

Corporate Identity

Our team can fully develop your corporate identity to be your face - from your logo to your website and social media pages. Your style will be described in a brandbook, or in a guideline, its simpler form. Then we should bring all your products to a common style. Besides, we ought to analyse your offer and put a customer-pleasing twist on it.

Interior Design

Our team can create a DESIGN-PROJECT of a cosy interior of your business or residential premises. The client creates his first impression by the interior, and the desire to come back for the second time is created by the quality of services. We will give your interior sophistication, so that it was pleasant to spend time in it. The rest depends on you.

The Amazon Marketplace

Want to get started on the amazon marketplace? Start by reading this unique book, available only from us - "Amazon for Beginners. Step-by-Step Guide To Creating A Long-Term Sales Strategy". The book is available in English, Polish and Russian. And then we'll discuss a customised strategy just for you.

Auditing Your Sales And Eliminating Problems

If you think auditing your sales team is a waste of time and money, think about whether you think the lack of results for the year is a waste of time and money?
A three-month audit program will allow you to look at existing problems with fresh eyes and find solutions.

How Your Product Is Perceived

Everyone has at least once in their life experienced the discomfort of trying to read small text on packaging or opening an uncomfortable package. What is good for a teenager may not be acceptable for an older person. When launching any product or service on the market, every manufacturer must learn to understand how it will be perceived by the target audience.

Marketing Strategy

When launching your project, it's important to choose the right strategy and the right location, and to make sure that someone on your side will work effectively with the customer we've found. We will set up Google, Facebook, Instagram, and prepare materials for an offline advertising campaign

Website Optimisation

Your website must meet certain requirements to make it a useful tool for selling your services. We will analyse its condition, load speed, and if necessary, remove errors, move it to a new server or configure your email client to keep your emails out of spam.

Robot Is Sales Manager

Whether you run a property business, a bakery, a restaurant or a hairdressing salon, you can commission artificial intelligence to communicate with your customers. We can create a chatbot for you that can take into account customer preferences, and even remind them that you haven't seen him in a while.

Printing Consultancy & Expertise

For more than 30 years we have been designing print shops, training technical and sales staff and setting up production technology. Even if you don't have a print shop, our experience will definitely come in handy when you need packaging for your products. We will design the look of your products and produce the package.

Let's talk about improving your business...

Tell us about your business tasks. We will choose effective tools.
Write your question, don't forget to specify your phone number. We will call you back and tell you everything.

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    Real People
    Real Solutions

    Creative Interior Designers

    Our Interior Designers with higher education and international experience will create a memorable design for your cafe, restaurant, office

    Experienced Marketers & Ad Men

    We will only allocate you experienced professionals who know how to plan advertising campaigns and choose the right way to organise an advertising campaign

    Smart Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is, of course, not humans. But a chatbot that will communicate with your customers 24 hours a day will do it better than a sales manager

    Online Trade Specialists

    Our experts can help you design and launch your own product and prepare it for sale on Amazon, eBay, Allegro, Etsy or other marketplaces that are right for your business

    Rigorous Business Analysts

    Of course, we won’t write your business plan for you, but a business analyst can analyse it thoroughly. We will then work together to outline plans to realise your vision

    Attentive Web Programmers

    Our excellent programmers will find and try to fix the errors of your site, affecting the loading speed, the perception of the site by the visitor

    Printing Consultants

    It’s not just if you own a print shop that you’ll need the help of them. We will find the best way to design your products and premises and select the appropriate technology

    Talented Graphic Designers

    The marvellous graphic designers will develop a corporate identity for you, create a brand book outlining it, and design your client-facing space

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    Use messenger or contact form to get in touch with us. For billing questions please contact us by phone:
    OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
    BusinessAds location
    1 Canada Square, London E14 9XQ
    United Kingdom
    1 Canada Square, London E14 9XQ
    FOLLOW USOur Social links
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