Auditing Sales Process And Eliminating Problems

If you think auditing your sales team is a waste of time and money, think about whether you think the lack of results for the year is a waste of time and money?

There is a concept of “seeing the trees but not noticing the forest”. This is roughly the behaviour of people who have gone headlong into the operational management of a business. Their eyes are washed out, and apart from the current tasks, they do not see their own prospects. They don’t pay attention on sales team analysis. This is why it is necessary to conduct an audit of the sales department.

In our work, we often encounter this response from a potential client:
Thank you for the offer for our sales department analysis. But we don’t need an audit. We need orders. We don’t have enough orders.

And today I came across a post by a fellow colleague:

The project has been going around big business for the second year: presentations, talks, ‘wow’ reactions, everyone wants it. The results: a couple of pilot projects and a complete lack of sales.

On the proposal to hire a specialized consultant who will set up a sales system and find a point of interaction with the market in 3 months, he replies: “with a consultant I will lose time and money”.

It is interesting that he does not identify the lack of results for a year as a loss of time and money”.

The situations are different, but the essence is the same:
We have no time to think and analyze some sales team results. We have to work more“.

How many millions are lost every month just because people do not have time and do not want to, they are afraid to stop to assess the situation, to identify weaknesses, to eliminate mistakes.

And it would be all right if they don’t have enough time themselves, but they refuse help.
We work, we work, there is no time to think.

Some business owners are not ready for radical changes: better bad than nothing. But how long will this inertia last?

Do not be like Sisyphus, rolling a stone to the top of the mountain. Allow an outside expert to look at the situation in your company.

Order the most minimal audit package and you will already at the initial stage get an outside opinion on what you are distracted and wasting your time on. You will see what is preventing you from developing, and together we will work out ways to remedy the situation.

Sergiusz Woropaj

Sеrgiusz Wоrоpaj

In international sales and marketing since 1995. Worked his way up from sales manager to Head of Representative Office of Heidelberger Druckmachinen Osteuropa Vertriebs GmbH and Regional Sales Director of H. Roesinger & Partner EURL. Higher education in the field of printing engineering and technology. Second university degree in digital marketing. Launching start-ups and reorganizing sales departments since 2009.

Map of the Analysis Process

Rule #1. Always talk to the client in the language of his benefit.
STEP 1Discussing Your Project In Details
Generally, most analysis programs are designed to last for three months. Determination of the work plan and issuance of a quotation.
STEP 2Familiarization With The Current Situation At The Company
Practical testing the knowledge and motivation of employees. Participation in negotiations with customers. Testing of the enterprise's products and services. Providing conclusions to the management.
STEP 3Personnel Training And Knowledge Testing
Conducting specialized training for sales and marketing staff. Writing job descriptions. Personnel motivation program.
STEP 4Checking the Attractiveness of Products
This service is described in the corresponding section and can be ordered separately. Checking the appearance and perception of products by different groups of customers
STEP 5Launching a Right Advertising Campaign
It's important to choose the best way of advertising for your startup and offer your goods/services to the right target audience. We can launch advertising campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram or offline promotion campaign.
STEP 6Checking Results
Presentation of results to the management of the enterprise
Issuance of further recommendations to eliminate mid-term problems.

How Do We Review Your Sales Team's Performance

The methodologies we apply are used to evaluate performance in large multinational companies.

A Qualified Outside Perspective

Employees are always focused on their own work and rarely intend to change anything. That's why it's important to have a professional outside perspective on your sales team.

Programmes For Every Time Frame and Budget

The usual timeframe for an initial analysis of the current situation is about two weeks. Further co-operation is determined by the results of the study.

Personalized Sales Training

Customised employee training programmes are available with on-site training on designated days. Training is conducted in an informal atmosphere.

Confidentiality Is Guaranteed

We value long-term relationships. That's why we keep research confidential, even from your employees. It's up to you to decide how you want to use the results.

1. Reviewing or establishing Goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

Getting to know your current situation

We get to know your employees, identify their motivations and set specific, measurable and achievable goals for the sales team.

Defining KPIs

Based on your business model, we will develop key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the achievement of these goals.

Impartial evaluation from all sides

Communication with staff will take place in a friendly, trusting atmosphere. Employees are as interested as management in a clear description of understandable rules so that they can evaluate their own performance.

Analysing Sales and Revenue

Study of current sales data

We will examine sales and revenue data to assess how well the sales department is achieving its goals.

Sales structure and market distribution

We will analyse sales structure, geographical distribution and other factors.

Examining the Sales Funnel

Evaluating the order flow process

We will dive into the sales process and observe the employees. Examine each stage of the sales funnel and identify where improvements can be made.

Conversion Study

We’ll examine the conversion rate from each stage of the funnel. We will learn how employees process the order received and where efficiency is lost.

Evaluating Staff Performance

Employee Skill Check

Each employee will complete a questionnaire, based on which we will conduct a sales staff productivity assessment. Next, we will interview each employee to identify the problem and solutions.

Sales Plan Assessment

We will then individually look at sales volume, conversions, deal timing, and other metrics for each team member.

Customer Feedback Review

Customer Survey

We will analyse customer feedback regarding the performance of the sales team. We will select one or two customers of each employee and get their opinion about the service.

Report preparation

Customers’ opinions about service quality, staff professionalism and other aspects will be taken into account in the report.

Use of CRM-System

Checking the suitability of the CRM as such for this company

Let’s check where the company stores and updates data about customers and customer transactions. Availability and operability of CRM system to track and analyse customer and transaction data.

Analyse reports and analytics

Check if the CRM reports and analytics are good for identifying trends and opportunities to improve sales.

Team Training and Development

Checking qualifications and motivation

Find out how much team members know how to sell and how much regular training they receive. Find out the extent to which team members have the opportunity to develop as a team.

Evaluating current training programmes

Evaluate the extent to which these training programmes have an impact on performance improvement.

Employee training

Provide training if necessary, or recommend programmes worth purchasing.

Competitiveness Study

Attractiveness testing

Test the company’s products and services to see if they appeal to different target customer groups.

Position compared to competitors

Evaluate the competitiveness of products or services relative to market demands.


 Analyse the competitors’ strategies that have been successful and suggest changes to the existing arrangement.

Costs and Budget Estimation

Costs and Revenue

Examine the costs of the sales department and compare them to revenue and profit.

Sales Department Efficiency of Budget

Examine the efficiency of budget utilisation. Pay attention to cost items and try to optimise them.

Regular Reviews and Adjustments

We will give recommendations to conduct regular performance reviews and adjust strategies according to changes in the market and internal environment.


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    Packages & Pricing

    These are indicative prices in euros for small businesses. The price may be adjusted depending on the time spent on the analysis, the size of the company and the number of sales staff.
    The price does not include travel and accommodation costs.
    VAT is included.
    Performance Evaluation
    • Checking the current state
    • Interviews with employees
    • Key points of sales growth
    • Identified problems in KPI
    • Manager actions that can be automated
    • Recommendations
    Performance of the analysis - within 2-3 days at the customer's facilities. The analyst's travel and accommodation expenses are additionally paid.
    1 999
    Advanced Analysis
    • KPI definition
    • Sales funnel study
    • Staff and customer evaluation
    • Employee Skill Check
    • CRM check
    • Attractiveness testing
    Analysis of the department's capabilities
    The purpose of this programme is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company's sales team, products and services and how to improve them. It takes up to 2 weeks.
    Staff Training
    • Introduction to Sales
    • Applying Soft Skills in Sales
    • How to interest a client
    • Product presentation
    • Answering unpleasant questions
    • Practical lessons
    Correcting deficiencies
    This programme is tailored to the customer's wishes. Unfortunately, only a limited number of languages are currently available. Please check availability before you order.
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    Use messenger or contact form to get in touch with us. For billing questions please contact us by phone:
    OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
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