Profitability Of Your Business Is Our Speciality

Today, you don't necessarily have to go to New York or London to have a successful business. Eastern Europe offers you many different opportunities in fast-growing markets. And in this we are ready to help you achieve good results.

🇵🇱 POLAND is one of the fastest growing economies in the 🇪🇺 European Union. The developments that have taken place in the country since the autumn parliamentary elections in 2023 give hope for an even higher level of development. And in Q3 2023, the highest GDP growth in EU was noticed in 🇱🇹 Lithuania .

Don't miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of still low salaries, reasonable taxation, and qualified staff. Let's work together to develop your personalised business strategy and bring it to life CORRECTLY, QUICKLY and THE FIRST TIME.

Qualified Assistance
At All Stages Of Your Business

Are you thinking of starting your own business, but you are not sure that you have the strength and knowledge in all areas to handle everything on your own? Or maybe you are not satisfied with the current state of affairs in your business?

We offer you to develop and run absolutely the whole process - from analysing your idea, to attracting clients. In other words, we will literally take you by the hand and guide you through all stages of business development.

For your convenience, we speak English, Polish and Russian.

Service Packages For Any of Your Needs

For Individuals And People Starting a Business

For Those Who Have Already Started the Business Journey

For Business Professionals


Run Your Business Right the First Time

Everyone knows that up to 90% of start-up companies close down within the first year. And all because their owners were overconfident and made a mistake in some small detail when organising their new business.

No one is immune to mistakes. But the experience of our analysts will allow you to look at your startup from the outside. Let’s analyse its potential together. Wouldn’t you agree that it is easier to check it at the very beginning than to lose hundreds of thousands due to an unforeseen mistake?

You will not be helped by a targeting specialist found on the internet promising to set up advertising on Google or Facebook. But does he/she know your product well? If something does not go according to plan, he will answer that your product is not in demand, and all the responsibility for the drained budget will fall on you.

At the very beginning, you don’t have permanent staff who require a salary even when there is no work. If we take on your startup project, it will cost you less than hiring people at the start-up stage. We will guide you by the hand through all the basic processes of startup organisation and take over many functions.

From the moment a business idea is conceived to the launch of the process usually takes from six months to several years. Our package will allow you to shorten this period by half or even three times and avoid making mistakes at the very beginning.


Here Are Just a Few Tools We Will Use To Solve Your Challenges


Interior Design And Its Implementation

Our studio will create a DESIGN-PROJECT of a cosy interior of your business or residential premises. The client creates his first impression by the interior, and the desire to come back for the second time is created by the quality of services. That is why we will give your interior sophistication, so that it was pleasant to spend time in it. The rest, of course, will depend on your service.

How Your Product Is Perceiving

Literally everyone has at least once in their life experienced the discomfort of trying to read small text on packaging or opening an uncomfortable package. What is good for a teenager may not be acceptable for an older person. That is why, when launching any product or service on the market, every manufacturer must learn to understand how it will be perceived by the target audience.

Printing Consultancy & Expertise

For more than 25 years we have been designing print shops and setting up production technology. Even if you don't have a print shop, our expertise will come in handy when you need packaging for your products. We will design the look and feel of your products and produce the packaging.
Besides, we can teach you how to work with special technologies.

Opinions About Us

“Thanks to a great strategy, my new cafe paid for itself in a year and a half. Very attentive to all details, including the interior design.”


'Coffee Beans'

In more than 15 years of co-operation we have done many agency transactions and we are very pleased with the knowledgeable approach.


UPG Ukraine

“Our partner from 2011 who can always be relied upon. It is thanks to them that we have a very good position in Eastern Europe.”


“Anyone who wants to go out with their product on Amazon will take off their rose colored glasses and find detailed answers.”



“With the reorganisation of our sales and marketing department, they got the job done. We received a lot of valuable advice on what needs to be redone in our structure.”



“We have developed a friendly relationship. You can always trust. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and constructive approach.”


PGM Engineering

“Professional advice and full transaction support enabled us to avoid costly mistakes. I highly recommend.”


Alba Plus

“Very responsible approach to the client’s tasks. You can always get a qualified answer to any complicated question.”



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You Will Know Exactly Who is Handling Your Project

It is important not only to develop a tasty shell of a new business, but also to know what sauce to pour over it for the best results. You can't learn this at school. It only comes with experience.

We are completely open to you. Each of our team members has been known in their industry for over a quarter of a century. Now we've teamed up on the BusinessAds project to give you the very best of what we know.

Like an experienced chef, we will take the best of what you are good at and only add the right ingredients.





Design projects

BusinessAds Pancake

Helena Woropaj

Over 20 years of experience from economist to CFO of LBR Intertrade, an international company with 20 branches. Founder of the interior design studio Amazing Interiors. Head of the Warsaw office.

Mark Richardson

An independent expert in business analytics and strategy development for small and medium businesses. Over 35 years of experience in a number of international companies in Europe and the US, including Ernst & Young.

Sergiusz Woropaj

More than 25 years of experience in marketing and sales development at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen and ROEPA. Specialist in the field of printing. Extensive experience in strategy development for startups in different fields.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSWho is this project for?

We've compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions in one place.
Please tell in short words, what does your company do?

Many people don’t start a business simply because they lack confidence or have no-one to rely on.
You have thought of what you will do, and even have the budget to start the project, but you lack the hands on implementation, or the knowledge of how to do everything properly and maximise efficiency.

We will approach your project individually and take over the PRACTICAL part of your business:

  • testing and tweaking your idea,
  • creating your corporate identity,
  • creating the interior of your business,
  • your products and services (and test them for your target audience’s perception),
  • we’ll even bring in your first customers and fulfil a lot of non-standard things for your project.

In short words, we’ll be your hands while you’re busy with the most important part – developing what you’ll offer to the marketplace.

What will be required from my side to start a business?

From your side you should have a desire to work in your own business and an understanding of where you will get the money to realise it. It is highly desirable to have a business plan or at least a preliminary payback calculation, which we will verify based on our internal data.

Please note that we provide assistance to start a new business in the RIGHT way and promote it, but not in finding financing for your idea.

In some cases we may consider partial financing or profit sharing, but only with your guarantee of payment.

Who is a BusinessAds client?

Any individual or firm can become a BusinessAds client. They are:

  • Individual persons with or without experience, but who have enough money to realise their idea, but who have no one to rely on in an unfamiliar country.
  • Entrepreneurs who would like to develop a proper marketing strategy and attract new customers.
  • Franchise buyers who have received everything from the franchisor and are now wondering how to now promote their business.
  • People who relocate their business from their insecure country to a European community.
  • Printing companies that need to properly reorganise their sales department, test its efficiency or train their employees.
  • Сompanies operating on the eCommerce market and developing their own products for sale.
Can you help me start a new business in Belarus?

We do not launch new businesses in Russia or Belarus as long as these countries are a source of instability in the world.

But we are happy to help those Belarusians who are hostage to the situation and would like to start their business in the European Union or move their existing business here. We are also not engaged in organising migration, issuing invitations or finding a place of residence.

I have a cool idea that needs 3 million euros to realise, but I have no funding. Can we collaborate?

We are regularly approached by “generators of innovative ideas” who want to find a co-owner of a business and get money from him to realise their fantastic projects. Unfortunately, we do not consider such projects and do not participate in them as co-owners. Because of this, we remain neutral and give the same chances to any of our clients past or future.

We also reserve the right to refuse a client if we do not understand their field and cannot find a good consultant.

In which countries do you work?

Our operations are within the European Union and the UK. The fastest response to your tasks we can realise in Poland, Lithuania and Great Britain. If for some reason we are unable to provide you with a personal presence, we will endeavour to reach you online.

In cases where on-site presence is required, by prior arrangement we will schedule a member of staff to arrive at the right time.

For your convenience, we speak English, Polish and Russian.

How does a free consultation work?

A free consultation usually takes place online, by phone, or in our office by appointment.

At the free consultation we will get to know your task and discuss your vision of your future business and how we can solve your problems. Based on the results, we will prepare a commercial proposal for you.


MAIN TERMS AND CONDITIONSHow To Use BusinessAds Services?

Launching startups is our speciality. If you believe in your new business idea, you have found a way to realise it.
Why is it more favourable to contact BusinessAds than to hire people full-time?

If you can provide full-time employment for the person you hire, it’s worth hiring them. But while the project is under development, it’s unlikely you’ll want to pay an employee a salary if you need them once a week. If you need an economist today, a designer tomorrow, and a marketer the day after that, we will provide exactly who you need at the moment.

Despite the seemingly higher cost per standard hour, this option may be much more favourable for you. You only pay for the time you need.

How quickly can you start my project?

We physically can’t help everyone at the same time, but we try very hard.

Let us find out your needs first, and then we will determine a time frame for the job depending on the urgency needed and our workload. But we promise that your long-term projects will always be a priority.

How much are your services?

It all depends on your idea and our involvement in it. To start, we will schedule a free one-hour consultation with our expert. Then, depending on your objectives, we will design a process to launch your business specifically.

Depending on the scope of your idea and the time we schedule for it, the cost will be calculated. A typical package of services for launching a small business or a strategy to promote a ready-made project costs our client from 1,200 to 5,000 euros. The more complex your project is, the more time and human capital it requires, the more it will cost.

If you still want to do everything yourself, but doubt that you have enough experience, you can book one-off consultations in our e-shop, which you can book directly on the website.

How is payment handled?

One-time paid consultations, as well as packages with monthly fees, are paid on the principle of an advance payment made before a certain day of the month. It can be made by bank transfer or paid through the website.

When implementing a long-term contract, we divide the task into stages, to which payment is linked. Before the start of work, the customer makes an advance payment from 50% to 100% for each of the stages described in the contract.

When launching marketing projects for promotion in social networks, we specify the cost of monthly service, which includes setting up and adjusting advertising in accordance with the strategy.

Organisation of training, sales department analysis is carried out on the basis of additional agreements.

How long does it take to launch my business with the full package?

Each project is different and requires rethinking all the actions anew, so as not to repeat word-for-word the steps of a competitor. We will give you a timeframe for your understanding only, but it will largely depend on the complexity of the execution and the workload of the specialists.

  • It takes from 2 to 4 weeks to develop and run a marketing strategy.
  • For the development of corporate identity: a logo needs about 1 week, for an uncomplicated guideline – at least 2-3 weeks, for a brandbook we need more than 1 month.
  • It takes from 2 weeks and more to produce a design project of the premises.
  • It takes about 2 weeks to evaluate the attractiveness of the product. If several samples are tested, the timeframe can be significantly reduced.
  • Assessment of the state of the sales department and development of a concept for its improvement – from 1 week to 3 months. Most stages of this service cannot be fulfilled online. The specialist is obliged to visit and live at the location of your company.
What are the guarantees that you won't replicate my project for someone else, creating a competitor for me?

Our company is interested in long-term co-operation with our clients. Our activities comply with certain ethical rules policy. In our work we apply only those techniques that we believe will be suitable for your case.

The aim of counselling is to achieve the best possible results in the interests of the client. Therefore, when agreeing to work for a client, a professional counsellor will never allow his or her interests to conflict with those of the client.

We maintain confidentiality for any of our clients. In addition, we reserve the right to refuse projects that may harm our clients.


Let's talk about your ideas over a cup of coffee 🙂

It's completely free. Just tell us about your tasks, and we will choose effective tools to fulfill your needs.

Fill in this short form, don't forget to specify your name and phone number. We will call/text you back and tell you everything.

    Please prove you are human by selecting the flag.


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    Use messenger or contact form to get in touch with us. For billing questions please contact us by phone:
    OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
    BusinessAds location
    1 Canada Square, London E14 9XQ
    United Kingdom
    1 Canada Square, London E14 9XQ
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