Amazon for Beginners

Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Long-Term Sales Strategy

This book contains comprehensive information that will take away your basic questions on how to get started with the trading floor if you really want to build a long term strategy for your work



Imagine an epic hero standing at a stone at the intersection of three roads. It is inscribed on the stone: “If you go to the left — you will lose your horse. If you go to the right — you will lose your life. If you go straight ahead — you will live, but you will forget yourself”.

Approximately such difficulties of choice are faced daily by any person starting a new startup. Everyone has the same difficulties. Where can I get an idea from? How much money do I need? How to find an investor? Which product will he prefer? But the most important thing is: how to find a buyer?…

The Basic Minimum of Knowledge To Start An Activity

The Basic Minimum of Knowledge To Start An Activity

Before I start describing the bumps in the process of maintaining an account, you need to start by mastering the absolute minimum of knowledge that is extremely necessary to start an activity. You cannot do anything without understanding how to choose a product, what price is acceptable for sales, and what offers should be rejected…

A Little Bit About Taxation And Accounting

A Little Bit About Taxation And Accounting

The countries of Europe and America have a lot of unified rules – customs clearance of goods or warehouse storage, but the tax systems differ radically. If you have encountered at least a little bit with the tax obligations of any of the EU countries, you know what we are talking about. But America in many ways looks like a “gray horse” for a European person…

Value Added Tax In Europe

The basic document regulating VAT taxation in the EU is Directive 2006/112 / EC of November 28, 2006 “On the general system of value added tax”. This Directive identifies 4 types of taxable transactions for VAT purposes:
1) supply of goods;…

Sales Tax in USA

In the United States, there is no such thing as Value Added Tax (VAT) at all, but there is another indirect tax — Sales tax. That is, a sales tax levied at the time of purchase of a product or service. When the buyer came to the store, he did not get the goods for the price indicated on the price tag…

How Does Amazon Calculate And Pays Your Earning

Since the beginning of June 2020, Amazon has modified the reporting system, which now looks like this:…

Payments Charged By Amazon

When you calculate the profitability of your project, you need to remember that Amazon charges for literally everything. The most significant expenses, in addition to paying for the processing of your goods when selling, will be the cost of warehouse storage, and, of course, advertising…

Regular Payments

1. First of all, let us pay our attention to the permanent fees. It is not possible to avoid them, but they can be quite impressive not to take them into account when calculating profitability. Irregular payments are charged only in certain cases.

Irregular Payments

1. Long term storage fee (fee for long-term storage of goods in Amazon warehouses). There are 2 tariffs: if the goods were delayed in the warehouse for more than 6 months, as well as after storage for 1 year…

Amazon’s FBA Warehouse Policy

Like any major Internet platform, Amazon is vitally interested in the rapid turnover of goods. The more sales, the greater the company’s profit. You are completely in control of sales: you take photos and product descriptions, pay for advertising, follow reviews and fully manage your activities in the SellerCentral account…

Reimbursement And Refund Of Goods

When storing goods in a warehouse, you will inevitably face damage to your goods for various reasons: the packaging is damaged or the customer returns the opened goods, which crumbles in the hands of the carrier. Amazon will reject it….

Basic Reports For Accounting

Once every two weeks, in the Reports – Payments section, you will receive another Statement – a report about your state of affairs…

Useful Inventory Dashboard

Not so long ago, a curious analytical tool appeared in the arsenal of Amazon. It allows you to constantly monitor the relevance of your product. Working hard, you can forget about a particular position, but it already requires replenishment.

How Do I Find A Product For Sale?

How Do I Find A Product For Sale?

Most Internet experts say with one voice: you need to find a niche with little competition, but with large sales. I admit this piece of advice is wise, but it is almost impossible to follow it. Take my word for it, the Chinese are not asleep…

What Can You Sell On Amazon In General?

What Can You Sell On Amazon In General?

In the meantime, we will continue to talk about the basics of the minimum knowledge that is necessary to start working. When choosing a product, from the sales attractiveness point of view, you need to clearly understand what you can sell, and what you should immediately abandon…

A Bit About Product Copyrights

In fact, Amazon encourages competition and continuous improvement of the product quality and its properties. You can take any product and try to improve it. No one will stop it. However, there are four types of ownership rights that Amazon sellers should follow:…

Trademark Registration

Phosfluorescently expedite impactful supply chains via focused results. Holistically generate open-source applications through bleeding-edge sources. Compellingly supply just in time catalysts for change potentialities.

Barcodes And Product Identification

To register a European trademark, there is a fairly simple procedure for submitting an electronic application on the EUIPO website. You can register both the trademark and the design of your product through EUIPO system…

Can We Sell A Product Without Registering Its Trademark?

“So, as long as I don’t have a trademark, I won’t be able to start selling?”, you may ask.
Of course, you can. There are three options.
1. You have a product that is already being sold on Amazon…

Opening An Account On Amazon

Before you start any task, it is always necessary to look around. It is time to get acquainted with the main tool of any seller on Amazon more closely. Using it, you can make an order of goods, monitor its sales and receive sales reports…

Market Research Using Helium10

By visiting the Amazon website, you can find absolutely any product. But how to determine whether it is in demand or not? What are your prospects? Do the competitors sell these goods by the hundreds, or just two or three units a month with difficulty?..

A BlackBox

In the rating of the best products, you can find sales leaders in any product category – even household appliances, and clothing. But what is being sold now will not necessarily sell as well in a next month…

The Agony Of Choice: The Pareto Rule For Amazon

At the very beginning of the book, I mentioned magic consultants who achieved nirvana by selling goods for $10,000 a month, and now they are ready to share their experience with you for money? I will give an example so that you can make sure that selling goods for $10,000 and earning $10,000 is not the same thing…

Preparation Of The Product Card

Preparation Of The Product Card

You probably noticed that the whole process of preparing the product is a combination of skills from different areas: logistics, art, the ability to compose texts, trade, analytics and marketing. Of course, if there are not many products, and you already have experienced “a little bit of everything”…

Filling In The Product Card

To create a new product card, you need to go to the Amazon SellerCentral page, and select Add Product in the Catalog menu. The next page will ask you to enter the product name, its UPC, EAN, ISBN or ASIN code in the search bar (you will see the common name of these codes – the abbreviation GTIN)…

Defining Keywords

The algorithm of the Amazon search engine, like the algorithm of any other ones, will not index a page that does not have a product description. That is, a product without a description will not be able to get into the search engine output by keywords…

Checking For Indexing

Approximately the same skills as in making a photo will be required when choosing the keywords for the card. It is always necessary to evaluate the result from a consumer point of view, and not from a “like it or not” point of view…

A Product Photo Is What Attracts Attention

Almost everything is ready to fill out the product card. If everything is done correctly, the goods should be indexed and located among other similar products. Now, to move on to the creative component of the project, you need to understand how a buyer manages to assess his interest in the product in a split of second…

Transportation And Customs Clearance Of Goods

Transportation And Customs Clearance Of Goods

We can assume your product page as presently existing and doing well. Surely, you have already taken and uploaded photos, filled out a card, and now you are ready for massive actions to conquer the universe. Meanwhile, the manufacturer has reported on the readiness of your product for shipment…

Filling In The FBA Shipment

To send the goods to one of Amazon warehouses, first of all you need to fill out the FBA Shipment card. On one of the pages, you will find out exactly which warehouse (and in which state you will be obliged to pay sales tax) you need to take the products to…

Incoterms 2020

At the conditions of any contract, an abbreviation of three letters is used. That indicates the terms of shipment. If you have not yet encountered Incoterms, there is a reference guide below that will help you quickly navigate the expenses included in the cost of the contract…

Import Of Goods To The United States And Documentation For European Accounting

When choosing a carrier and the conditions of shipment, you need to clearly understand whether they will be able to independently ensure customs clearance of the goods upon arrival in the United States…

Advertising And Product Promotion

Advertising And Product Promotion

The concept of a product promotion should include not just the selection of keywords and the subsequent payment of clicks. This is not all. As in an ordinary life, it is silly to hope that you will pay the bill to advertisers, and they will do everything for you…

The Sales Strategy. How Do I get A BuyBox?

From the moment the product appears in stock, your product card begins to compete with other products, and only with the help of advertising campaign you can promote it.
Any beginner has a lot of questions. What sales strategy should I choose?

“Feed The Dragon“. The Terrible Truth About Organic And Advertising Sales

As soon as your new product becomes available in stock, Amazon provides you with a “honeymoon period” that lasts about two weeks. This is not written anywhere, but if you set up your product card for keywords correctly and turn on advertising, your product sales will jump incredibly…

Automatic Advertising Campaign

To start an advertising campaign, let me answer a number of basic questions. Firstly: Why is it needed? How does it work? An advertising campaign provides sales of a new product…

Manual Advertising Campaign

Amazon uses its own, very sophisticated advertising algorithms when promoting your page on the principle of PPC (Pay per click). We are not able to know anything about their operation principle, but the only thing we need to do is win the click bid at a kind of auction…

Importance Of Customer Reviews. Questions And Answers

A review of your product is a feedback from the buyer. If your product has just entered the market, no one knows about it yet. Its page is as clean as a baby’s tear, and a potential buyer will almost always be wary of this offer. People are always subject to the herd instinct, although they do not admit it…

How Competitors Are Trying To Drown Your Product

Entering the game on someone else’s Amazon field, you should not hope that your product will be perfect. Everyone will like it at once, you will become a multi-millionaire and live in Miami in a year. I always want to hope for the best, but alas, not everyone will be happy when new competitors enter their market, which take away a piece of the pie from them…

What Should You Do In Such Cases?

A negative review can sting you painfully, and you will take it to heart. The first thing you NEED to do to save your own condition is to remember martial arts. Sometimes, to deliver a strong blow, a fighter must use the force of the opponent’s blow, lean into the force of the blow, and not resist it…

The Victim Of Your Own Advertising

In many cases, you can seriously harm yourself. I will give you an example. During the sale, one day I got too carried away, and did not notice how a certain buyer bought my product at a discount of a whole thousand dollars…

Fake Product

I want to mention once again my mistake with the registration of a trademark not in the region of sale. One day, even without any sales, I discovered that one more competitor had attached himself again to my other product card…

What To Do If The Product Is Sold Poorly

It would seem that you have done everything that is necessary, and it is time to be on your laurels. It seems that you have made excellent photos, and you have set up the advertising correctly, but for some reason sales are not going well. You start to panic a little…

I’m Tired. I’m Leaving

I’m Tired. I’m Leaving. How To Exit The Game With No Pain

There are no hopeless situations. As they say, even food has two ways out. Finally, I would like to touch on a rather painful topic – how to complete work with Amazon without serious losses. I sincerely hope, dear reader, that you will not have to study this article from a practical point of view…

Pirates Of XXI Century, Or Amazon’s Hidden Games

Just for God’s sake, do not think that Amazon itself conducts its activities absolutely openly, transparently, and you can always be sure of the honesty and decency of this resource. Not at all. Be prepared for the fact that the motto of the activity will be: “Everything that is not prohibited is allowed”…

Close The Account Or Sell It? This Is The Question

Sometimes circumstances develop in such a way that the seller cannot withstand the severity of fallen obligations, and no longer wants to maintain an account on Amazon. Anything can happen. Someone has left for a while, someone forever…

Vacation Mode Of The Account

If you are able to get a couple of emails from time to time when you are on the go, but you do not  have much time to fulfill any new orders, this is probably your best choice. To set the vacation mode, go to the section…

Selling The Account

No matter how well or poorly you conducted your business, your account will become more and more expensive over the years. You may be surprised, but there is a market for buying and selling accounts. What is more, this is completely legal…

Closing The Account

I sincerely hope that you will never follow the instructions below. I know the Amazon world is not easy, but it is fascinating in its own way. Your account can be put to better use. In the end, just pause and go on vacation. Nevertheless, everything can happen in our lives, and therefore I leave these recommendations to you…

An Epilogue

An Epilogue

I sincerely hope that after reading my book, you have not given up the idea of working with Amazon yet. This path is very rich in adventures, but undoubtedly, it is thorny – the slightest mistake can lead to irreparable consequences. Likewise in any other business…

Amazon for Beginners. The book

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