Increasing The Attractiveness Of The Product Or Service

A marketer's professional view of your product or service

To ensure that your packaging sells and does not cause difficulty for your target group, have our company test it for attractiveness and convenience of use.

A consumer goods manufacturer has one or two seconds to grab the attention of a customer walking along a shop shelf. Everyone knows that an attractive product sells better because of its packaging, but they still repeat the same mistakes.

In order for packaging to sell, it must fulfil several basic principles:
– to make the product stand out among its analogues and attract consumers;
– thanks to the packaging a person should understand in a couple of moments what the product is and why he/she should buy it;
– packaging should be based on the real preferences and expectations of potential customers – without qualitative research of the target audience;
– in general, the packaging should not cost more than the product itself (in mass-market – by 7-10%).

Literally every person at least once in their life has experienced discomfort when trying to read small text on packaging or when opening an uncomfortable package. What is good for a teenager may be unacceptable for an older person. This is why, when launching any kind of product or service, every manufacturer must learn to understand how it will be perceived by its target audience.

The main thing in packaging design is functionality, not artistic merits. However, not everyone takes this into account.

We know that more than 90 per cent of all consumers over the age of 60 have trouble opening a pack. This means that the focus remains on younger consumers. Older people may have limited mobility or require larger fonts on packaging. Testing products on older people helps to identify and fulfil these needs.

However, we should not think that the focus on products for younger audiences should be less. On the contrary. Younger audiences are the consumers of products distributed on various online marketplaces. Here, the attractiveness of the packaging and the products themselves play a crucial role.

Consult with our packaging specialist. You will surely find a way to improve the way your product is perceived and increase sales.

package inspection report
package inspection report
package inspection report
package check process inspection
package attractiveness inspection
package inspection
funny package

Our company has developed its own unique methodology for testing products on the perception of different groups of people.

Our method based on the principle of applying a Likert scale and other authoritative methodologies, including the experience of such researchers like Meyer Henschel Institute (Germany), which is one example of an organisation specialising in testing products for the elderly.


Why Need To Test Products Before Release

The brutal truth – bold design ideas rarely convert into sales. It’s better to keep an eye on market trends and follow them.


There are two brand promotion strategies

BusinessAds - Corporate Identity
If your brand stands out among your competitors in some way, it can be a significant marketing advantage. It happens that such a property makes the product does not meet the expectations of customers. After all, their ideas about the product are formed on the basis of personal experience and advertising of competitive products. Therefore, to promote a product that has a difference in design, branding and marketing, it is necessary to conduct information and promotional work.The source of information can be advertising, social networks, other channels.

If you do not have the opportunity to allocate a budget for expensive advertising, use social networks in order to spread information about your product, it will be more productive to prefer the second strategy.
Shelf with Ketchup
The second strategy assumes that the appearance of your product matches the expectations of your target audience. For example, even when looking at a bottle of shampoo, without knowing the brand name, you should immediately identify what is in it.
There are many taboos when using this strategy. For example, you should not distort people's faces in images. You should not use red liquid when advertising women's pads. A ketchup bottle, on the other hand, should not be made green. And certainly you should avoid double meanings in images.

It is necessary to take into account the colour scheme used in the design of the desired group of products. For example, the bright cornflower colour of a new series of cosmetics can advantageously highlight the product on the shelf. We will talk more about this in the blog.

Examples of embarrassing package design errors

Even serious manufacturers make idiotic mistakes that lead to lower sales.

Do you assume that a reputable product manufacturer will always make sure their product looks attractive?

That’s what happens when the designer, the printer and the brand owner don’t understand each other. Probably, at the presentation of the new packaging there was a sample without a cut-out, and this “handle” appeared when someone decided to simplify the process of carrying the box and added an extra element.

Does it look funny? Yeah, if it’s not your product.

That’s why it’s worth ordering packaging testing before you put it into production.

But don’t think that such things are rare. We have prepared for you a whole collection of photos of similar products that have become a nightmare for their owners.

samples of bad packaging

What Parameters We Test

Tests are conducted using a special evaluation methodology with the issuance of a detailed product report.


Package appearance

Evaluation of the overall appearance of the packaging, including colours, fonts and design. We check the size of the packaging, its colour scheme and how it looks on the shelf next to similar products. A scale of 1 to 10 is used, where 1 is unattractive and 10 is very attractive.


Evaluating the availability of product information on the packaging. We check whether the information is presented in a complete and understandable way for different categories of users. A scale from 1 to 10 is used.

Colour scheme

Evaluating the combination of colours on the packaging, how they are perceived and how they match the brand or product. A scale of 1 to 10 is used.

Ease of Opening

An assessment of how easily the package can be opened by target audience without additional tools. A scale of 1 to 10 is used.

Ease of storage

An assessment of how convenient it is to store the product in a given package. The shape and size of the package is taken into account. A scale of 1 to 10 is used.

Environmental Protection

An assessment of how well the packaging protects the product from moisture, light, air and other factors. A scale of 1 to 10 is used.


An assessment of how comfortable it is to carry or carry the product in a given package. Consideration is given to the presence of handles, ears, and other features. A scale of 1 to 10 is used.


An assessment of how resistant the package is to mechanical damage. A scale of 1 to 10 is used.


An assessment of the extent to which the packaging can be reused or recycled. A scale of 1 to 10 is used.


An assessment of the extent to which the packaging fulfils ergonomic requirements. It takes into account the ease of opening, closing and repeated use of the product by different categories of users. A scale of 1 to 10 is used.

Value of the information

An assessment of how useful the information on the packaging is to the consumer (e.g., instructions for use). A scale of 1 to 10 is used.

Brand identity

We rate how well the packaging is consistent with the overall style and values of the brand. A scale of 1 to 10 is used.


This is the most extensive stage of work - the study of your product and its position in comparison with competitors' products.

After detailed testing, we prepare a list of our own comments and detailed recommendations for improvements to the product or service. Upon additional request, we can design you a package that will fully comply with the recommendations of marketers and will be favourably differentiated from competitors' products.

How We Can Increase The Appeal Of Your Product Or Service


Online Consultation On Packaging And Labelling Technologies

People launching their own start-up always have something to do. It can be anything - registering a company, organising the production process, buying equipment and ordering goods from suppliers.

We will take care of designing the look and feel of your products and producing them, or perfecting your service. Even if you are planning to open a pizzeria, someone needs to design your box and release it.

To get a full understanding of what to do and what direction to take, start with an online consultation with the founder of BusinessAds, a specialist in graphic arts industry. You can get answers to any questions you may have about the print execution of your products.

In case you need real practical help, we will prepare a special comprehensive offer for you.

Evaluation Of The Usability And Appearance Of Your Product

Send us your product sample or let us use the service you provide.

We will evaluate it on a specially designed scale and give you a checklist about the condition of the product. In the test we evaluate not only the appearance of the product and its packaging, but also the tactile sensations and the perception of the product by its target audience of different ages.

A product test involving the target group takes up to 2 weeks. You should be aware that your product may be damaged during testing. If you wish, we will return the product to you or dispose of it. As a result, you'll get a comprehensive report on your package and service, and you'll be able to decide what to do next.

We maintain the confidentiality of our customers and do not disclose the results of product testing.

When You Have A Nice Product Which Needs Cool Packaging

Send us your product. We will design a corrugated cardboard packaging for you, cut a sample and send it to you for approval.

Of course, we will pay attention to how the product will be attached to the box so that it is not damaged in transit. Then, once the shape of the box has been agreed, we will start to design its exterior.

What's next? We will release a batch of your packaging into production and inspect its quality. We can make the packaging look absolutely any way you want - any thickness of corrugated cardboard, die-cutting, any number of colours, varnishing and screen printing.

In some cases, if the batch of goods is small, we can also place your goods in our packaging, print instructions, wrap in film and apply barcodes.

Product Analysis
Packages & Pricing

1-hour Online consultation
  • Problem solving
  • Discussing ways to improve attractiveness
  • Advice on packaging design
  • Answers to questions
Usability and Appearance
  • Standard scale product testing
  • Analytical evaluation of packaging
  • Visualisation of product testing
  • Report and recommendations
From €99
Correction of remarks
  • New packaging design
  • New design for die-cutting
  • Sample production
  • Modification upon approval
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Examples of Silly Mistakes Made By Product Manufacturers

Turn to BusinessAds to ensure your products don’t become a laughing stock.

My Dog

The frame was discounted as none of the buyers recognised this new breed of dog as their pet.
samples of bad packaging

Toilet Seat

If we understand correctly, this woman enjoys swimming in the toilet.
samples of bad packaging


It's an optical deception, of course, but the child abuse award has been earned by the manufacturer.
samples of bad packaging

Camper Mat

I see that this guy in the picture doesn't really need that mat.
Samples of bad packaging


It's actually a container, not what you think it is.
Sample of bad packaging

Spider man

Kleenex company has a very original sense of humour.
Sample of bad packaging

Training Ball

Only real men play this sport
Sample of bad packaging

"Faithful friends"

Tinned food manufacturer doesn't even hide the source of raw materials.
Sample of bad packaging

Soup for women of easy virtue

I wonder how the manufacturer chose the target audience?
Sample of bad packaging

Mouldy loaf

Or is it just an unfortunate choice of packaging colours?
Sample of bad packaging

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS?Take your product image seriously

Hopefully, you've seen how a customer's perception of a product influences their choice. It is good if the customer laughs and pays attention to the product, but it can happen that your product causes unpleasant feelings and you lose money.

    Please prove you are human by selecting the house.


    How Else Can We Improve Your Competitiveness

    Researching a product or service for customer appeal is an important step in marketing analysis that helps you determine whether your offering meets the needs and expectations of your target audience.

    Here are a few steps to help you conduct such research:

    Competitor research: We will analyse the competitors operating in your niche. We will determine what products or services they offer and what features make them attractive to customers.

    Target Audience Identification: We will accurately paint a portrait of your user and identify who your target audience is. This will allow you to better understand their needs, interests and preferences.

    Market Research: We will conduct market research, including analysing current trends and demand. This may include questionnaires, interviews, focus groups and analysis of consumer behaviour data.

    Customer benefit analysis: We will identify what benefits your product or service offers to the customer. These could be unique features, low price, high quality, convenience, etc.

    Testing prototypes or samples on the buyer: If possible, provide us with samples of the product or service demonstrations to the target audience. We will demonstrate them to potential buyers and get their feedback and impressions.

    Checking the feasibility of the location for your business: If the walkability of the location where you plan to rent space is relevant to your business, we will measure the number of people who pass by it at different times of the day, on different days, etc.

    Researching reviews and ratings: If your product is not new in the market, we will analyse the reviews and ratings of your product or service online. This can give you an idea of how customers rate your offering.

    Pricing Analysis: We will compare the price of your product or service with competitors. We need to make sure that the price matches the expectations and capabilities of your target audience.

    Market research: We use customised market research such as SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis to better understand your market position.

    Pampers Package
    package inspection report
    package inspection report
    package inspection report
    package check process inspection
    package attractiveness inspection
    funny package

    Testing advertising campaigns: If you have already run advertising campaigns, you should test the results to determine which aspects of your product or service are most appealing to potential customers.

    Product or Service Improvement: Based on the findings, you will be able to make the necessary changes to your product or service to make it more attractive to customers.

    Researching a product or service for customer appeal requires a systematic and multifaceted approach. It allows you to optimise your offer to better meet the needs of your target audience and to be more competitive in the market.

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    Use messenger or contact form to get in touch with us. For billing questions please contact us by phone:
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