Amazon for Beginners

Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Long-Term Sales Strategy


What this book is all about

There are enough cheap, meaningless praise books on the market like “How I became a millionaire by selling on Amazon.” But the value of most of them is to show the importance of the author, how famous and successful he is. None of this is of any value to the reader.

Our “Amazon for Beginners” is not just another sales guide on the Amazon platform. The author, who lives in Europe, honestly shows the reality of what will have to face in the US or any other Amazon’s market.
The narrative is based on the difficult experience of business survival in the context of the COVID 2020 pandemic. The author analyzes what he did well, what was wrong, and where a truly fatal mistake was made. But it is important not only to admit the mistake, but to understand how to fix it.

We will walk our path again step by step using the example of sending goods to a warehouse in the United States using Amazon FBA program. A person who decides to create his own product acquires minimal skills in different specialties: marketer, accountant, photographer, copywriter, logistician. You will find the minimum that you need in this book. And if you want to go through this, in its own way, an exciting path, you will not make many mistakes, and, perhaps, you will succeed much faster.



Imagine an epic hero standing at a stone at the intersection of three roads. It is inscribed on the stone: “If you go to the left — you will lose your horse. If you go to the right — you will lose your life. If you go straight ahead — you will live, but you will forget yourself”.

Approximately such difficulties of choice are faced daily by any person starting a new startup. Everyone has the same difficulties. Where can I get an idea from? How much money do I need? How to find an investor? Which product will he prefer? But the most important thing is: how to find a buyer?

Many people have heard that there are thousands of successful people in the world who earn millions by selling products on Amazon. Surely, the idea that you can try your luck on this famous platform has come to you, otherwise you would not be reading these lines now.

The platform solves one of the main problems of any novice seller — where to get a buyer. You do not need to spend months on bringing your Internet page to the top of the search engine. You just need to offer a product, and… did it say something else about “you will forget yourself”?

If you read the biographies of famous people, you may get the impression that their whole lives are continuous paths to success, which were interrupted only by some minor failures. However, they easily overcame difficulties and eventually became the ones we know now. But it is not at all. We know nothing about their fears and doubts, erroneous conclusions and actions that led to unforeseen troubles. And, of course, we were not mentioned about the sleepless nights and a lot of effort that the businessman had to spend on correcting his own stupid mistake. It is supposed we are not interested in this.

Someone else’s success story does not give you the opportunity to learn anything. We do not see the entire chain of events that led the narrator to the acquired experience. We subconsciously want to hear only the advice given in a confident tone about how easy it is to succeed. For the narrator, such a story is the realization of a sense of self-importance. The reader was simply shown point A, where it all began, and point B, where it all ended.

From a practical point of view, stories of stuffed bumps and failures on the way to success are much more useful.

The Amazon platform is an endless string of success stories and failures, big earnings and huge losses, like in a casino. This is a huge competition between sellers from all over the world, and Amazon itself does not guarantee anything to you. But Amazon will earn much more on your product than you. But you will have to work tirelessly, checking and adjusting a lot of parameters every day, updating the page, answering customers’ questions, following reviews… And if you suddenly realize that it is impossible to sell your product, you will need to find the strength to stop everything and get out with the least losses.

Getting started with the platform is both easy and difficult at the same time. It’s easy – because most of the standard operations are predictable and easy. It’s difficult — because any non-standard operation turns into difficulties without feedback, and all subsequent mistakes that you have made will only be your mistakes. Each such mistake costs money. Yours.

So what should I do?

When you do not know where to start, you should start looking for those who can help you.

Smiling consultants from companies with significant names will invite you to free seminars where they will tell you about wonderful success stories and how they have achieved incredible sales of as much as $10,000 a month. Now for a modest fee they are ready to help you find your sales strategy.

After talking with several consultants, I concluded that most of them will offer you to purchase their training course, where they advise you to start by buying $300 worth of junk somewhere in China. After their free seminar, you will obviously get the confidence that you will definitely become rich soon. But answer the question: if they are so rich and successful, who have earned millions? Why do they spend their time advising beginners for such small amounts? Maybe, this is their main business, not sales on Amazon?

For me personally, this book is a kind of analysis of my personal trials and errors, which are made (most often out of ignorance) by all beginners. In this book, those who are just thinking about selling through Amazon, they will find clear and concise answers to most of the questions about the first steps that they will have to take at the beginning of their work.

I will tell you in simple words about the full cycle of product turnover — from the idea to receiving money for the goods sold, using the example of a registered trademark.

There will be no complicated or abstruse terms that “experts” flaunt and that can confuse you. Together, we will go through the whole path, step by step using the example of the most common sales scheme — FBA, and consider:

– the birth of an idea;

– search for a product for sale;

– trademark registration;

– production of your own goods;

– transportation and customs clearance in the United States;

– design of the product card and photos;

– keyword search;

– advertising campaign;

– registration of goods according to accounting rules;

and many other, minor, but important nuances when working with Amazon that someone has already been stuffed with bumps before you. If you read carefully and follow the recommendations, you will understand what to face in the future, and you will be able to bypass the sharp corners.

You will see and be able to predict the actions of buyers and other market sellers, while some will try to destroy you, and others will try to parasitize your unique product at your expense.

I will analyze my experience and what I did properly, also, what was wrong and where my really stupid mistakes were made.

You will understand from the figures why sales of $10,000 a month are very small. We will see how to CHOOSE the right product. And if you want to go through this risky but fascinating path in your own way, you will not make my idiotic mistakes and perhaps succeed much faster that me.

Let your epic hero go only straight ahead without losing his horse, money or even his life on his way.

Only those who do nothing do not make mistakes.

Amazon for beginners book

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