Realising Your Business Idea From Scratch

Let’s say you have an idea for a new profitable business startup that seems to be a success. But what stops you is the amount of preparatory work that you cannot do alone.

As I write these lines, I have an amazing view from my window. The plot opposite our house is bustling with work. A middle-aged man alone, despite the weather, the sun and the rain, is cheerfully pulling a cart. He is carrying sand and then tamping it down before pouring the foundation of his future house.

Yes, this man is single-handedly building his house! On weekends he is occasionally helped by his adult son, who after his main job also pulls pipes and engages his young children in labour.

If you don’t have a task to complete the work in the shortest possible time, this approach has a place in life. But you can build a house in this way for many years, buying bricks and finishing materials as you earn money. But one day a person will realise that he has no time for anything else. His life has turned into a branch of hell on earth, and only his wife and children are strictly looking at him with a reproachful eye, asking him, when the hell will you will finish.

It’s not always the case that a person running a business startup has helpers who understand the whole process from start to finish. It is worth turning to specialists, unless you have the task of becoming a professional in all areas without exception. You may not have enough time in your life for that.

The offer of our company is that we are ready to become your real assistant from the very first day when you decide to launch the project.

We’ll start with a consultation at no cost to you, where we’ll discuss your needs and suggest options on how we can address them. Your business startup idea will be thought through from every angle.


Every action you take next will be designed to get you up and running and profitable as soon as possible. Why be likened to a person building a house on their own, as their life could come to an end faster than they finish their build?


Take a Look At the List of Experts We Can Provide You

Interior Designers

Our Interior Designers with higher education and international experience will create a memorable design for your cafe, restaurant, office startup.

Experienced Marketers

We will allocate you only experienced professionals. They know how to plan advertising campaigns and choose the right way to organise an advertising campaign.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is, of course, not humans. But a chatbot is significant part of small business startup. It can communicate with your customers 24 hours a day will do it better than a sales manager

Online Trading Specialists

Our experts can help you design and launch your own product. They prepare it for sale on Amazon, eBay, Allegro, Etsy or other marketplaces that are right for your business startup.

Smart Business Analysts

Of course, we won’t write a business plan for you. But our skilled analyst can check it thoroughly. We will then work together to outline plans to realise your vision in a business startup.

Website Optimisators

A website is the showcase of your business startup. Our programmers will find and try to fix the errors of your site, affecting the loading speed, the perception of the site by the visitor.

Printing Consultants

It’s not just if you own a print shop that you’ll need the help of our printing specialist. We will find the best way to design your products and premises and select the appropriate technology

Graphic Designers

The marvellous graphic designers will develop a corporate identity for your business startup. We create a brand book outlining your message to a customer, and design your client-facing space.


Our Business Cases On Launching Startups

In many cases, you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Just take advantage of well-performing startup models. Familiarise yourself with typical marketing cases for the most frequently requested areas of business creation.

We will take one of the tried-and-tested paths and adapt it to your objectives. Of course, adding your individuality and competitive advantage.

Path Of Interaction With a Typical Customer

Our interaction with you will take place according to the following scheme.
You can choose which steps are included in the overall package. But the best understanding can only be achieved when all steps are carried out by the same team with a clear understanding of your requirements.
STEP 1Discussing Your Project In Details
We know how difficult it is to spread your own efforts when you are just starting out. That's why we are ready to be your temporary staff to take over some of the organisational work.
STEP 2Product Development and Adding a Twist
Re-creation of your product or service so that it is your calling card. While you have no employees, we will take care of the practical implementation of everything you have planned.
STEP 3Your Brand Identity And Its Execution
Together with you we will develop your recognisable corporate identity, create a logo and brand book, implement it on your website and social media. Our design studio will create the interior of your office, cafe or spa.
STEP 4Amazon And Other Marketplaces?
Those who would like to offer their products on international marketplaces will not be left out either. Start by studying our e-book 'Amazon for Beginners', and then we'll discuss how we can help you.
STEP 5Launching a Right Advertising Campaign
It's important to choose the best way of advertising for your startup and offer your goods/services to the right target audience. We can launch advertising campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram or offline promotion campaign.
STEP 6Checking Results And Working On Errors
Not all agencies care about the profitability of their client's business. But that's we think all time about. You'll get a report on the work we've done, and then we discuss how we can improve results.

But You'll Still Win

Working with us, you win in timing and quality, unlike someone who relies only on themselves.

Integrated Approach From a Single Source

A team that is familiar with your project will always do a better job than many different contractors, each of whom is only familiar with their own part of the project.

Individually Tailored Programme

You only pay for what you need to fully run your project. Your project will include only those stages that you really need at the moment.

Phased Payment Adapted to Your Needs

When creating a business plan, you include the costs of our work in the total costing. Flexible payment terms. Advance payment of 50% before starting work.

Quality Guarantee of Our Service

The idea is yours, the execution is ours. We are not responsible for your idea, but we guarantee that our part will be executed flawlessly. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Make up your mind to finally change your life!

Many people never start a business for the simple reason that they have no one to ask for sound advice. Why wait for life to give you another chance? Write to us, it's completely free 🙂

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    List of tools for your business startup

    Launching or analysing any business is a complex process with many steps. That is why the cost of services is determined individually in each case.

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    Use messenger or contact form to get in touch with us. For billing questions please contact us by phone:
    OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
    BusinessAds location
    1 Canada Square, London E14 9XQ
    United Kingdom
    1 Canada Square, London E14 9XQ
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