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(Facebook, Instagram)

If you offer goods or services to a private audience, it is important to be visible to users of social networks – Facebook, Instagram (Meta). We offer to take into our hands the correct setup and management of your advertising campaign.

Setting up any advertising campaign starts with researching the product on offer. Any work is doomed to failure if the manager himself does not know the product well and does not understand to whom it should be offered. In words it seems obvious that you should not sell snow to Eskimos. But in reality, this is not the case…

The employee of the advertising campaign usually asks the customer to fill out a brief to start work, in which the customer himself should describe the product, its target audience. Why is this done? It’s simple – advertisers are often heavily loaded and in such an uncomplicated way simply relieve themselves of responsibility. If something when setting up goes wrong, the customer is to blame – it is he does not know his target audience.

Before starting work, the advertising manager must study in detail, who is the target audience of his product. And on the basis of the study to choose channels of promotion. On the same sting, the budget of the advertising campaign is determined, and KPIs are set, which will be the result of the advertising campaign.

In different countries, Facebook and Instagram are considered social networks in which visitors are looking for entertainment, distracted information, and therefore it is not worth it to offer, say, equipment for production. While Facebook is primarily about reading, then video, Instagram is primarily about visuals. On Facebook you can offer the services of a bookstore, a home repairman, and on Instagram – a furniture shop, an interior design studio or promotion of some heaps of success.

The avatar method has been successfully used in marketing for many years.

Before starting work, any savvy marketer should find out and visualise what his consumer looks like, understand his pains and fears.

First of all, we will make three or four portraits of the consumers of your product, determine their age, fears and concerns, and the needs (pains) that need to be solved. Then we will offer them your product and explain what problems it can solve.


The advertising manager should make a list of the potential customer’s questions, and work through the answers with the customer. The answers should be convincing. Based on this work, eye-catching creatives are drafted. It is necessary to engage a graphic designer who will be able to cut through the information noise so that the consumer sees your advert.

If we choose Instagram, we suggest resorting to the creation of viral videos, or animated videos aimed at making the viewer watch them to the end.

Facebook Ads

Researching your product and finding the best strategy for you

Instagram Ads

Creating videos, animations for your Instagram promotion

Google Ads

Adverts on Google's search network and its partner sites

VK ads

In a number of countries, VK is the most popular social network
From €300
Campaign Set up
  • Setting up an advertising campaign
  • Product research
  • Identifying the target audience
  • Determination of promotion channels
  • Strategy development
  • Keyword selection
  • Creating visual creatives
  • Customising the selected channels

The most important stage of setting up an advertising campaign is defining the target audience, understanding their needs, and correctly identifying advertising channels. Then we prepare the creatives and launch the advertising campaign

From €150
Ads Service
  • Monthly payment
  • Making changes
  • Tracking changes in the market
  • Recalibrating the advertising campaign
  • Budget allocation
  • Achieving KPIs
  • Visual optimisation
  • Conversion counselling

Marketing is always a lot of hypotheses that need to be constantly tested. It is not enough to set up an advert once, it has to be constantly improved. An effective advertising campaign is designed to run for several months.

From €90
Animated Video
  • Developing a video idea
  • Character selection
  • Coming up with the text
  • Translation into the desired language
  • Script writing
  • Selecting an announcer
  • Video voiceover
  • Video mixing

Creating an animated video based on ready-made characters from a template. The easiest and simplest way to make a video that will deliver the desired information to your consumer. You immediately see how the video will look like.


The Process Of Setting Up A Marketing Strategy


Target Audience Definition

We’ll define the target audience of your new product or service, based on a fictional avatar.


Audience Basic Characteristics

We’ll determine basic characteristics of our target audience, age, its needs, goals and solutions.


Hypotheses & JTBD

We’ll build hypotheses of what our service solves for the customer and define JTBD.


Analysis Of Competitors

We will analyse the activity of competitors operating in the same market niche.


SWOT Analysis

On the basis of the obtained information we will make a SWOT-analysis of your product or service


Promotion Strategy

We’ll develop a promotion strategy for your product or service


Promotion Channels

We’ll determine the channels of promotion of your service


Attractive Creatives

We will develop creatives for effective advertising


Analysis Of Appearance

We will analyse the website, social media pages, packaging and give recommendations


Advertising Campaign Start

We’ll determine the budget of the advertising campaign and run the process


Drawing Up A Media Plan

We will develop a media plan for all the channels used and the people involved


Final Reports

We will check effectiveness of the advertising and provide reports on the work done


How To Organise A Strategy On Your Own

Do want to try it yourself? Here are some tips. In this case, you can ask us for advice to save you money.

A marketing strategy for launching a new business depends on many factors, including the type of business, target audience, budget, and competitive environment. Here are the key steps and components to consider when developing a marketing strategy:

Market and audience research:
Conduct market research to understand if there is a demand for your product or service.
Identify your target audience (potential customers) and study their needs, preferences and habits.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP):
Identify what makes your business unique and why customers should choose you over your competitors.

Goals and KPIs:
Articulate the specific goals you want to achieve (e.g., increase sales, expand your customer base, increase brand awareness).
Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help measure the success of your strategy.

Brand positioning:
Create a vibrant brand and stand out from your competitors.
Determine what image and style you want to associate with your brand.

Marketing Mix (4Ps):
Product: Develop a product or service that meets the needs of your target audience.

Price: Determine a pricing strategy by considering costs, price competition and customer price sensitivity.

Distribution (Place): Decide how you will distribute your product or service (online, retail shops, agents, etc.).

Promotion: Develop a promotion plan that includes advertising, PR, social media and other marketing tools.

Marketing Budget:
Determine the budget you are willing to allocate to marketing activities.

Marketing plan and calendar:
Create a detailed marketing plan that identifies actions and timelines for completion.

Measurement and Analysis:
Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategy using KPIs and analyse the results.
Make adjustments to your strategy based on the data you receive.

Amazing Interiors Project 1
Amazing Interiors Project 2
Amazing Interiors Project 3
Amazing Interiors project 4

Creating an online presence:
If applicable, develop a website and use social media to promote your business. In order for your customer to contact you within 24 hours a day, you can use a chatbot.

Duration and sustainability:
Think about the long-term sustainability of your marketing strategy and how it will evolve in the future.

Don’t forget that a marketing strategy needs to be flexible and adapt to changing market conditions. It is important to listen to customer feedback and make adjustments to achieve successful business results.


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