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Amazon.com is the world’s largest shopping marketplace that sells just about everything. Every seller is tempted to expand their sales markets. But don’t forget that the competition there is also huge.

If you are reading these lines now, then surely the idea of selling through the Amazon platform has occurred to you. However, everything is not at all simple as the “successful” consultants tell you. They are ready to teach you how to earn a lot with 300 dollars of investment. In fact, the main their goal is just to make money on you.

Much more useful are the stories of real experience, taking into account the real path travelled, in order not to repeat someone’s mistakes. Not all faults are silly, indeed.

For those who would like to explore this topic in detail, we have published the book “AMAZON for Beginners. Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Long-Term Sales Strategy”, which is available in English, Russian and Polish.
amazon for beginners ebook epub
amazon for beginners book
Amazon for beginners, book
Amazon for beginners book

The first edition of 1,000 copies of the book has already sold out. Electronic versions in three languages are available for our readers.

The book takes a step-by-step look at the entire process of starting a business to sell your own manufactured goods on Amazon – and the trademark registration, product requirements, and even the process of getting barcodes. You’ll learn a lot about supply logistics, as well as how to create an attractive product card.
There are also those on the Amazon marketplace who seek to “sink” your business. It is important to learn how to fight them. And finally, if you get tired of fighting, you should know what the fallback looks like so you can stop and get out of the game with the least amount of trouble.
The book ‘Amazon for Beginners’ is written in clear language, so it will be useful for those who have never dealt with e-commerce at all.
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Amazon for Beginners.
Versions & Pricing

Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Long-Term Sales Strategy
  • Amazon for Beginners.
  • Step-by-step Guide to Create a Long-Term Sales Strategy
  • Language - Polish
  • EPUB format
  • Amazon for Beginners.
  • Step-by-step Guide to Create a Long-Term Sales Strategy
  • Language - English
  • EPUB format
  • Amazon для начинающих.
  • Пошаговое руководство для создания долгосрочной стратегии продаж
  • Language - Russian
  • EPUB format

Do you want to get to know the book first?

Get to know the contents of the book and even start reading the book online to see how useful it will be for you.

A Bit About the Author of the Book

The author has more than 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, as well as more than hundred successful large projects implemented in different branches

Author's name:
Sergiusz Woropaj (rus: Сергей Воропай)

Brief bio:
Sergiusz Voropai is an entrepreneur and expert in sales and marketing, started working with eCommerce on Amazon since 2018. The author describes the full cycle of entering the marketplace, including registering your own trade mark. Custom products were developed to sell on Amazon.

He began his sales and marketing career in the printing equipment industry back in 1995. From 1997 to 2009, working as a sales representative and later as Head of Representative office for Heidelberger Druckmachinen AG, the largest printing press manufacturer in the world. Later - Managing director of ROEPA for the Eastern European market.
Since 2018, the author of the book has launched a project to work on the Amazon marketplace using several brands, where he managed to achieve significant success and even found a way to avoid serious problems with the goods under absolutely closed markets during the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. He also talks about this in the book.

Sergiusz Woropaj is the author of some articles in the field of printing and e-commerce.

In this book, the author shares valuable strategies, tips, and practical skills that will help both beginners and experienced sellers succeed on the Amazon platform. The goal of his book is to help other entrepreneurs maximise their potential and thrive in online commerce.
Amazon for beginners, ebook, epub
Sergiusz Woropaj, founder of BusinessAds

You've Read the Book, What's Next?

No wind is a tailwind if you don’t know where you’re sailing.

Robert Benchley

The main advantage of the Amazon platform is that you get access to the marketplace of the whole world. Only you and your product will determine your sales.

Are you not intimidated by the challenges? Do you find this path interesting? Let’s discuss your path to choose the most suitable way of selling just for you.

We can design and produce the packaging of your product for you. You will send the product to us, we will package it and ship it to one of Amazon’s warehouses. We’ll take attractive photos and help you design a product card.

In short, the reader of the book will not be left alone with their problems. Look how together we will find a way out of any situation:

If after reading the book you need help or real action on how to evaluate the saleability of your future product. creating a semantic kernel to create a product card, we will answer your questions and help you set up your account.

With the professional paid software available to us, we can help you check the activities of your competitors, the number of their sales and seasonality. You will be able to determine whether it is worthwhile to start promoting the product you have chosen at all, or whether it is better to look for something else.
Photo Studio
You may need to create a card for your product, as well as quality photos to create a strategy. Often you don't just need photos, but images that emphasise the useful features of your product. These are not just created by a photographer, but specifically by marketing experts.

You can send us your product specimen, which we will photograph, then with your help we will formulate its useful properties and create a series of images to put on the marketplace website.

In addition, use our service to test the attractiveness of the product using a specially developed methodology with testing on representatives of the desired target group.
Product Card for Amazon
There are two fundamentally different approaches when working on Amazon. The first one is that you register as a seller and sell items already available on Amazon that any other seller can sell. Your offer goes into the general BuyBox, where you face high competition among other sellers. You can only compete on price. You can't even change your product card.

The second is if you are building a long-term strategy, which is what the book is about. You launch your own product with your own ASIN and sell it at a price you set yourself. To start building a long-term strategy, it is better to have your own brand name from the beginning. Then you can protect it from unscrupulous sellers and counterfeiters.

We will create your logo and all the necessary attributes and register your trade mark in Europe or the USA.
For a product to sell well and be in demand, its packaging is important. It is through the packaging that the customer gets to know your product, no matter what is inside.

We can help you to create a product and its carton packaging of any complexity at our production base in Lithuania. This country is a member of the EU, is located close to ports, and is also a hub for international freight transport.

Moreover, if you are ordering goods in China for resale in Europe or the USA, do not purchase them already packed - you will overpay on the cost of transport. We will do the packing locally and pack your goods in our box. And then we'll ship it to the amazon warehouse according to the agreed schedule.
Kartonika Puzzle
If you don't have your own accountant, most accountancy firms bill a service fee based on the number of documents per month. For example, €150 for 20 documents, €180 for 30, €200 for 50..... But what about if you have 200 sales per month? And if you have 1000 sales and all the goods are small?

Let's not hide, we wasted a lot of time and money to set up the document flow with the accounting department. One day we found out that we were giving the accountant 5 euros just for the bookkeeping processing of one item! Unbelievable.... But now we know how to solve this problem.

Amazon's accounting services AVALARA and TAXIFY mostly make minimal sense for accounting, for example in Poland. They are more likely to confuse you. But most importantly, they can't solve the localised problem with the number of documents to hand over to your accountant.
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Amazon for beginners, book

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